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The following charts were released by the Kentucky Department of Education in August 2009. The charts represent the data compiled from the test results of Kentucky high schools juniors who took the ACT in March 2009. The data is compared to the previous years test results for high school juniors who took the assessment in 2008. [1]

It is important to note that the ACT scores reported in this section are not comparable to the normally encountered ACT scores for other states, which are usually reported for each graduating class. Some of the reasons for this lack of comparability is that in most states only those students who intend to go to college take the ACT, and those who don't take the assessment generally would score lower than those that do. However, some other states besides Kentucky also test all of their 11th grade students. A comparison of some of those other states' 11th grade results is available below.

43,511 Kentucky public school juniors took the exam in March 2009. [2]

0809ACTScores.png 09ACTJuniorTrends.png 09ACTSummary.png

11th Grade ACT scores in other states with 100 percent testing

The states of Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Wyoming conducted 100 percent testing of all of their public high school juniors in 2008. Colorado and Michigan have published separate scores for the 11th grade administration, which does not include results for any seniors or high school graduates. Michigan has also published scores for its 2009 11th grade administration. The ACT Composite Score averages are in the figure above.

KY CO MI 11th Grade ACT.jpg

ACT Results for Kentucky's 2009 High School Graduates

The ACT also provides separate, extensive coverage of the test results for each graduating class. Results include overall scores for all students and public school only graduates' performance.

This data is further analyzed in this Wiki to determine scores for non-public school students.

All of the graduates' data is available in a separate Wiki item in this site.



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