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Welcome to the 2010 Open Records Project! In an attempt to foster transparency and accountability in Kentucky we have begun a campaign to conduct a vast number of open records requests to better inform citizens about issues that are important to them. On this page you can view the requests that have been conducted this year and track their progress. Requests are organized below by the department or entity of state or local government the request was made of.

Budget Requests

Economic Development


Superintendent Evaluation Project

Fiscal Year 2010 Check Register Requests

  • Education Spending - View a complete list of the requests sent to school districts to obtain check registers and spending reports for fiscal year 2010


Governor Steve Beshear

Kentucky Retirement Systems

Personnel Cabinet

  • Number of state employees - request to obtain documents that indicate the number of state employees (full time, part time, contracting) for each year in the past decade. Request made 5/13/2010.

Waste & Fraud

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