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These article guidelines serve as the FreedomKentucky community norms. They are simply guidelines for contributing, creating, and writing within the community. These guidelines will help to maintain organization to the the growing body of information and provide a more efficient and helpful experience on FreedomKentucky. These guidelines will also help to make your article as effective and informative as it can be.

Article Organization

How To Begin An Article

In most wiki communities it is customary to begin an article with the title in bold in the introductory paragraph (see the beginning of this article). This facilitates a much more effective search within FreedomKentucky.

Titles of Articles

Providing the proper title for your article is essential for the organization of the body of work. Some things to keep in mind when naming your article...

  • Avoid using abbreviations or symbols (i.e. acronyms, &, $, #). Abbreviations and acronyms can be redirected to the articles relating to their full name.
  • Avoid using "the" and "a" at the beginning of a title as it inhibits effective searching.
  • Be specific in your title but broad enough to enable other to write related articles.

If the information in an article extends beyond the original intent or no longer fits with the title of the page, the page may need to be renamed or moved.

Headings, subheadings, etc...

Organization is the key to presenting an informative, easy to read document. Using headings and subheadings allows readers to assess the available information on the wiki and seek out the specific information they are looking for. Avoid using large blocks of wordy text and strive to break up pages with spacing, headings, and contrasting text qualities. This allows for the eye to move freely over what you have written.

Use the article you are reading now as an example of how to organize your writing!

Quality of Information

FreedomKentucky strives to be a respected, thorough source of information. Make sure that the information you contribute is factual! Be prepared for other readers and contributors to edit, question, and discuss the quality of content. That is, after all, what open collaboration is all about!

Cross Link Your Article

Being able to link an article to another is one of user friendly aspects of a wiki. It enable a reader to quickly reference another article of interest within the article they are reading. Linking your article to others enables more readers to find your article and to find articles on other topics they may not have even thought to look into. This is called "wikifying". Want to learn how to link your article? Learn how!.


It is customary to provide a summary or discussion point whenever a major edit is performed. If you edit someone's work for whatever reason, it is a good idea to provide them with some sort of reference as to why you performed the edit. This is simply to generate discussion and provide the most accurate information on FreedomKentucky possible. A summary function is available below each edit box whenever an edit is performed and can be viewed in the recent changes function located in the side navigation bar. It is also common practice to use the discussion feature tab at the top of the article to discuss the content of the article and voice an opinion. This is the place to discussion the tone of the article, object questionable content, and request further contribution or information.

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