House Bill 31 (2010)

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House Bill 31 (or BR 168 2010) was prefiled on September 2, 2009 and introduced on January 5, 2010 by Representative Rick G. Nelson for the 2010 General Assembly.

It is an act relating to public safety

BR 168 proposes to create a new section of KRS Chapter 177 to require the department of highways to inspect all public railroad grade crossings with an average daily traffic count of 700 vehicles or more at least 2 times per year; require results of inspection to be kept on file for 5 years; require the department to promulgate administrative regulations to establish standards for railroad grade crossings; specify that within 30 days of being notified that a crossing is substandard that the railroad company submit plans for improvement; permit the department to issue an order to the railroad company to make improvement to a railroad grade crossing pursuant to the procedures set forth in KRS 177.150 through 177.210.[1]



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