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House Bill 213 (or BR 331 2010) was introduced on January 7, 2010 by Representatives Rocky Adkins and Brent Yonts to the 2010 General Assembly.

It is an act relating to the capture and transportation of carbon dioxide.

BR 331 proposes to create a new section of KRS Chapter 154 to allow transmission pipeline companies to condemn for lands and materials needed to construct, operate, and maintain a carbon dioxide transmission pipelines; require the proceedings be the same as under the Eminent Domain Act of Kentucky; declare that the pipeline is a public use; amend KRS 154.27.010 to include transmission pipeline under the definition of "eligible project" and define "transmission pipeline"; amend KRS 154.27-020 to require a transmission pipeline to have a capital investment of $50,000,000 to qualify for energy independence incentives; and amend KRS 353.500 to include transmission of carbon dioxide for enhanced oil recovery, sequestration, or other carbon management under the jurisdiction of the state for purposes of regulation.[1]



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