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The Simplest Way To Edit A Page

When you click on the edit option of a page it will redirect you to an edit box. Right above it is a toolbar containing the essential functions to editing a page including making text bold, italicized, and creating new section headlines. This is the easiest way to get started quickly. For more advanced functions, see below.

Creating A New Section

Wiki articles are formatted just like an outline. There are section headings and various degrees of sub-headings. To create a new section heading (such as the one that this paragraph is featured in), use double equal signs (==) on both sides of the text that you want to appear in the heading. To create a subheading under that use three equal signs (===) on both sides of the text you want to feature in the subheading.

A table of contents is automatically generated after a certain number of headings is created.

Formatting Text

Formatting your text helps to organize your ideas and emphasize words or phrases. Here is a simple explanation of basic text formatting...

Bold Text

To make text bold, use triple apostrophes on each side of the word.

You would type: '''freedom'''

And it would look like this: freedom


To use italics, place double apostrophes on each side of the word.

You would type: ''education''

It would appear: education

Italicized Bold

To italicize and bold, place five apostrophes around the word.

You would type: '''''liberty'''''

You would see: liberty


To underline important information place <u> before the phrase and </u> after.

You would type: <u>really important information</u>...

And it would look like this: really important information

Creating Lists and Bullet Points

  • To create a lists, simply use asterisks (*) in front of each item on the list.
    • Using two asterisks will set the list in further to be a sublist (just as this sentence is placed)
      • Using three will do the same, so on and so forth.

Creating Links

Links are what make the wiki operate like it does. The ease with which a reader can access related information from the contents of an article is what makes the functionality of the wiki so appealing. Creating links in articles allow for all the articles on the page to be interconnected.

Internal Links

Internal links are links to information that is featured within the content of FreedomKentucky. The link is the title of the page it links to. To create an internal link place double brackets ([[ ]]) around the text. For example...

You would type: [[Main Page]]...

It would appear as: Main Page.

Be sure to copy the title of the page you want to link to accurately. If it is not exactly the same it will not link to the page.

It is a FreedomKentucky community norm to only link a title within article the first time that phrase or title appears.

External Links

External links will redirect readers to information and webpages outside of FreedomKentucky. There are a couple ways to do this...

  • To simply provide a link to a web page, just type the url in the text and it will appear as a link...

You would type

And it would appear as

  • If you want to provide a link within your text but wish to make the link a part of the sentence or appear cleaner use single brackets ([ ]) around the link and provide the word you want it to link to. For instance...

If you wanted to provide the link in the sentence "Google is a popular search engine" you could do that by making the word "Google" the actual link...

You would type: [ Google]

And it would appear as: Google

Make sure that you leave a space between the URL and the word that you want to link to the URL.


Providing references will add credibility to the content of your article. It is important to credit those whose work is being borrowed from. Providing links to research, studies, websites, or scholarly works aides in the reader's understanding of the information you've presented in your article. To do this, bookend your reference with (<ref>) and (</ref>).

For example:

If you wanted to make the claim that Marlon Brando is one of the greatest actors of all time, you could find your reference and then...

You would type: "Marlon Brando is one of the greatest actors of all time. <ref> [ IMBD Marlon Brando article]</ref>

It would appear as: "Marlon Brando is one of the greatest actors of all time. [1]

The number will correspond with the references listed at the end of the article. In order to list the references at the end of your article all you have to do it create a subheading for references. Under that heading type <references/>. An example is provided at the end of the page.

Once again, be sure to leave the space between the URL and the description of the reference in order to separate them.


Could something about these editing basics be worded better? Is there a way to make it more easily understood? Feel free to discuss it under the discussion tab or change it yourself!

References (example)

  1. IMBD Marlon Brando article

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