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The Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation was founded in 1955 and is a non-profit advocate for historic preservation that strives to protect, revitalize and promote the special historic places in our community in order to enhance the quality of life for future generations[1]. While the group has been vocally against the construction of CentrePointe, they do have a voluntary alternative to Historic Districts.

Voluntary Plaque Program

Blue Grass Trust plaque

The Blue Grass Trust offers a voluntary plaque program, is a unique way to alert the public to over 800 historic buildings in Central Kentucky. The program has relatively strict criteria, an application process, and a $150 dollar plaque and membership fee. A one of the benefits of the program is that it does not put any restrictions on what a property owner can do to their home. The program is a way for a property owner to show that he takes pride in his historic residence, without the invasive hand of government.

Contact and Staff Info[2]

The Blue Grass Trust

253 Market Street

Lexington, Kentucky 40507

Phone: 859.253.0362

Fax: 859.259.9210

  • Julie Good, Executive Director
  • Zanne Jefferies, Director of Preservation & Education
  • David McKnight, Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator