CATS Task Force Meeting 2

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Summary of CATS Task Force Meeting 2

August 26, 2008

There was considerable informational discussion. This included discussions about assessment types and how they are used. A history of the Kentucky assessment program was presented by Ken Draut. In the discussions it was mentioned that writing portfolios not being used much, if anywhere else, outside of Kentucky. Part of the problem, according to the task force’s test expert Doris Redfield is that scoring of portfolios isn’t particularly reliable. Redfield indicated a clear preference for on-demand writing tests as a more valid and reliable way to test writing ability.

At the end of the meeting, task force members Steve Stevens requests a report on The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) eighth grade writing results for Kentucky and other states with a focus on neighboring state Tennessee. The Bluegrass Institute has written about this subject before, and indicates that Kentucky’s rather poor performance on NAEP writing is evidence that teachers in other states are teaching writing much more effectively without needing portfolios in their state accountability systems.

The list of possible task force interest items is developed and includes:

*Writing Portfolios *Arts and Humanities Assessments *Alternative Assessments (learning disabilities/English language learners)
*Normative Assessments *Formative/Diagnostic Assessments *Assessment of/for Learning
*Standards *Longitudinal Testing Models *Individual Versus School Focus
*Balance Between Student/School Accountability *College Readiness *Analysis of EPAS Technical Programs
*Timeliness of Test Results *End-of-Course Exams

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