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Academic Performance in the Classroom is the second standard that is measured on the Kentucky Department of Education school audits. Within this standard, there are eight indicators used to measure whether the school is successfully achieving results. The following indicators were taken from the Department of Education Audit School Level Descriptors and Glossary. [1]

  • Classroom assessments frequent, rigorous,aligned with Kentucky's core content.
  • Teachers collaborate in the design of authenticassessment.
  • Students can articulate what is required to be proficientall students.
  • Test scores are used to identify curriculum gaps.
  • Assessments designed to provide feedback on student learning for instructional purposes.
  • Performance standards communicated, evident in classrooms, observable in student work.
  • Assessment and Accountability Program is coordinated by school and district leadershipschool council allocation formula).
  • Samples of student work are analyzed.

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