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Cheryl Allen, CEO of Community Action of Southern Kentucky, said she was authorized to start work on the purchases of four new buses immediately. [1]

Bowling Green, Kentucky will get $1,140,000 in federal stimulus money for its public transit system. A little more than half the funding will be used to buy four low-floor “kneeling” buses to operate GO BG Transit.

The state has already approved Community Action’s plans for the money; now it is up to the federal transit authority, according to Ken Meridith, public transit coordinator for Community Action.

The new buses will add to a fleet of 18 vehicles that includes three vans and other buses. They are used on four fixed routes and help provide service to certified disabled people who can’t make it to a regular bus route stop.

The new buses will service these four routes but also could be utilized in a fifth route that will be recommended later this year, according to Allen.

If it receives the final approval, about $500,000 of the stimulus money will be used to do site surveys, environmental assessment and design and engineering work for a new transfer/maintenance facility.

“We know the general area we want to be in – downtown – but you have to look at multiple sites with this federal transit money,” Meridith said. “Many of the locations downtown were previously used for other things and would require remediation. One of the things that this (study) would look at is the cost of cleanup that would be required so we won’t be blindsided.”

One of the places Community Action is interested in is in the parking garage under construction near the baseball stadium.

GO BG operates from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and a monthly shopping shuttle on the first Saturday of each month. In February, it served 6,800 riders, an increase of 36 percent from the previous February. [2]


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