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Once you have figured out the basics of editing a page and had some practice editing the work of others, you may want to contribute your own original ideas and topics to FreedomKentucky. There are a couple of easy ways to get started creating your own article BUT...

Before you begin a new article search the wiki to make sure an article on the topic you wish to create does not already exist. If it does, you can simply edit the material on there...

You can learn the fundamental functions of editing in the Basics Of Editing article.

If the page does not exist then you may need to create a new page...

Red Links

New pages are created through the use of red links. The links are words or phrases that link to articles within the wiki. Blue links are links which will lead to a page with content. Red links, however, will lead to a page that needs to be created. If there is a red link on FreedomKentucky, that indicates that information about that linked topic needs to be contributed.

There are two ways to come about red links:

  • The first is through reading an article that contains them. In this instance, the author of an article may have contributed content but wanted to create a link to an area of interest within the article for future contributions. If you have information relating to what someone else has written, please contribute!
  • The second is through the search engine. If you search for an article or subject and the search engine which does not exist, you may be prompted to create that page. The prompt will present the topic in the form of a red link.

Blue Links

The red links become blue when content is added to the article.

Other Getting Started Topics...
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