Don't let the party end after tea is served

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The words of Albert Einstein help put this week’s offering in context: “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

The CBS-TV affiliate in Gary, Ind., recently reported, “witnesses stood by and did nothing as a 26-year-old convenience store clerk is shot and killed in broad daylight.”

Police told reporters that customers kept shopping. Many walked past the dying man near the entrance of the store without even calling “911.”

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This kind of story outrages those with even the smallest shred of human decency.

Yet, we often behave similarly when it comes to our freedom.

Self-serving politicians attack freedom viciously. But fear and apathy keep us “shopping” for reasons to do nothing.

Our most important constitutionally protected freedoms come under assault by government, which when unrestrained, by its very nature becomes freedom’s enemy. Yet, there freedom lays, suffering, and we too often fail to act.

We keep electing representatives who believe government knows better than us how to spend our taxes, educate our children and live our own lives. In Frankfort and Washington, they spend our commonwealth and country into oblivion.

Why? Because they want to bring home the pork.

Listen to the politicians brag during their re-election campaigns about all those big checks they carried to their districts. Meanwhile, we step over the body of our economic freedom, and in doing so, force our children and grandchildren to pay the piper.

Tea parties across the nation have been drawing countless flag-wavers poised to end the slow death of freedom. I applaud these folks and am trying to do my part to re-ignite liberty’s flames in the commonwealth.

But I also know that when the party ends, many will return to a role like that of the shoppers at the convenience store. They will do nothing but shake their heads, quietly murmur something about the sadness and tragedy of it all and return to a life of oppression.

Will we become the generation that posterity looks upon, shaking its head and saying: “They stood by and enabled freedom’s enemies?”

That’s all it takes. Just stand and do nothing.

Don’t try to impose your will on Frankfort. Continue to allow it to control every aspect of your life. Continue to allow yourself to get caught up in all the grandstanding by colorful and crafty politicians — rather than realizing how big-government policies erode your freedom and impoverish your future.

Don’t take the time to remind your political representative that his or her re-election campaign isn’t the focus of the work in Frankfort or Washington. Don’t take the time to demand that he or she defend your liberty and make tough decisions. Don’t challenge the health nannies, socialists and political opportunists who rob your pursuit of happiness.

It doesn’t require an attack from North Korea or wild-eyed terrorists from the Middle East to end our freedom. All it takes for evil to triumph is, as Edmund Burke said, for “good men to do nothing.”

I’m sure good people stood and watched that store clerk being attacked. But when good people do nothing, their goodness ceases.

Yes, flag-wavers have been out in force — good folks. But I fear too many will come out of hiding, storm the steps of the Capitol, wave their flags and then retreat.

Doing so renders their goodness meaningless. What a tragedy.
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