Elaine Walker

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Elaine Walker
Mayor walker.jpg
Birthdate: n/a
Office: Mayor (Bowling Green, Ky)
Assumed Office: 1/1/2005
Political Party: n/a
Past Experience
Office: n/a
Occupation: Producer
Contact Information
Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Email: Elaine.Walker@bgky.org
Phone: 270-393-3640

Elaine Walker was elected Mayor of Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2004 and is running for a second term in November, 2008.

Ideas she champions

Government should protect the rights of tenants at the expense of property owners

  • Bowling Green has not sufficiently acted to ensure safe, sanitary housing for all renters." [1]
  • "...there are slumlords whose only concern is for their bottom line." [2]
  • "Mayor Elaine Walker wants to push for local adoption of the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, which has long been in force in many cities but was defeated twice in Bowling Green." "Walker said a variety of housing information will be available, including a plain-language explanation of URLTA from Ben Kickert, community youth development coordinator for the Kaleidoscope youth arts program." [3]

Government should subsidize public transit

  • "With regard to GO BG Transit, local government currently subsidizes streets and roads, so it is a logical outreach to also provide subsidies to public transit." [4]

Humans cause global warming

Government should subsidize public housing

  • "I am extremely proud of my active role in helping to create greater homeownership opportunities for citizens on the West side of the city through construction of new homes; substantial rehab which turns slum rentals into beautiful new homes for owner-occupants; the creation of a Housing Fund to provide gap financing for low-moderate homes and in the creation of Lee Square, a beautiful low-income neighborhood in downtown Bowling Green that does not look like low-income housing." [6]
  • "“It is not in the city’s best interest to have people living in substandard housing.” [7]

Ideas she ridicules

Free markets

Personal responsibility

Limited, accountable government

The Second Amendment

Walker is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a coalition that seeks to advance gun control. [8]


  1. What problems do you think renters have in Bowling Green, and what policies will you propose or endorse to fix those problems?
  2. What problems do you think renters have in Bowling Green, and what policies will you propose or endorse to fix those problems?
  3. Mayor wants rental reform
  4. What is your stance on the city’s role in supporting GO BG Transit?
  5. Do you think that green building, recycling, and buying local should be priorities for Bowling Green?
  6. What policies or initiatives will you support to strengthen Bowling Green’s lower-income neighborhoods?
  7. Tenant Act forum debate gets lively
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