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Fayette County Public Schools operates in Lexington, Kentucky.

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Fayette Superintendent Salary

Year 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10
Salary $133,479 $130,950 $195,000 $180,000 $185,400 $189,109 $212,479 $222,041 $232,033
  • Source: Kentucky Department of Education[1]

Peggy Petrilli Lawsuit

Peggy Petrilli was the principal of Booker T. Washington Academy, a predominantly African-American elementary school in the FCSD district, from March 2005-August 2007, when she resigned. Her resignation occurred after parents of students presented Superintendent Stu Silberman with a list of 50 allegations against her.

In February 2008, she filed a lawsuit against FCSD saying that she had been forced to resign from her position as principal because of reverse discrimation, and that the school district was engaged in an unlawful effort to defame her. In the reverse discrimination claim, Petrilli says that Silberman and the school board forced her out so they could replace her with a black principal.

The defamation aspect of the lawsuit stems from a report [1] written for FCSD by school board general counsel Brenda Allen. The report accuses Petrilli and additional Booker T. Washington staff of testing irregularities, improperly holding students back a year, misleading parents, circumventing the school's site-based decision making council and retaliating against parents. The Kentucky Department of Education is investigating.

Contact Information

  • Central Office:
    • Phone: (859) 381-4100
    • Address: 701 E. Main St., Lexington KY 40502
    • Fax: n/a

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  1. Department of Education - Salary Database