Government and the gallows: History repeats itself, again

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In the biblical account of Queen Esther, the evil Haman, one of her nation’s highest government officials became so consumed with envy and control that he eventually hung on the gallows he built for Mordecai, his righteous nemesis.

Haman used legislative maneuvers to trick the king into signing an edict to destroy the Jewish people, including Esther, a leader in the nation, and her Uncle Mordecai.

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In the current battle over the future of our nation, the people – just like the ancient king – got tricked into believing more government would mean a better life for them and a more hopeful future for their children.

But then they started discovering the truth:

The nation’s “Esthers” discovered that the current health care bill would result in middle class Kentucky families paying 19 percent of their pre-tax income on insurance premiums, copays and deductibles.

Elderly “Mordecais” found out about $500 billion in proposed Medicare funding cuts. The people learned that women younger than age 50 and older than age 74 face pressure to forego mammograms, while those older than age 50 are ordered to get them only every two years.

The health care proposal represents a trillion-dollar gallows built to kill our freedom. But it remains to be seen who hangs. With chances of a “government option” fading, it appears the unraveling is under way.

Meanwhile, environmental wackos built gallows, too – from recycled arguments, of course. Like Haman, they count on folks not finding out that they have based their tax-raising, government-growing and business-destroying plans on a fraud.

The king in that ancient Persian tale started reading old news when he couldn’t sleep one night. He discovered that his life had once been saved by none other than Mordecai – the man Haman was trying to destroy. So now we read old e-mails acquired by a hacker that reveal manipulation of data to hide the fact that the earth may actually be cooling.

Gov. Steve Beshear, state Democrats and the horse-racing industry set fundraising records in the Dec. 8 special state Senate election. They spent more than $1 million to build political gallows for Senate Republicans and their candidate, Jimmy Higdon.

But it backfired. Higdon of Lebanon routed Jodie Haydon from Bardstown and further diminished chances of lawmakers approving expanded casino gambling.

Instead of popping champagne, Beshear & Co. find themselves with the proverbial noose around their political necks on their own very costly gallows. Kentuckians found out that gambling won’t repair our fading economy or crumbling schools. It only serves politicians and shady gambling interests.

Higdon ran against a national Democratic Party radical agenda, and the 2010 midterm elections could see quite a few political “hangings” of the gallows builders.

Envy and a desire to control the flow of information also play a part in this modern-day Queen Esther story.

When Mordecai informed King Xerxes about the attempt on his life, his stature among the people rose – putting Haman’s downfall in motion.

When Fox News began exposing the truth about the radical agenda the big-government types in Washington have planned for hard working taxpayers – including, as President Barack Obama said during the campaign, taking from those who work hard to earn and giving it to bailout-minded moochers – White House staff built gallows: They shut out Fox reporters from the president’s network interviews.

It gives me hope that the administration’s numbers began to tank while Fox’s ratings went stratospheric.

Is that the gallows I hear creaking?
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