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Finding an article on FreedomKentucky

Tips For Effective Searches

Words in your search are not case sensitive

This makes things much more simple. For instance, if you want to find an article about "liberty", you can search "Liberty", "liberty", "LIBERTY", or even "LiBeRtY". The search function will not discriminate between upper or lower case.

The "Go" and "Search" buttons

Just below the search function there are two options, "Go" and "Search"

  • "Go" will take you directly to a searched for article if it already exists.
  • "Search" will search the text source of for articles related to the search

Use quotes to search a specific phrase

If you want to find a specific phrase, use quotes to see if FreedomKentucky contains an articles with that exact phrase as you typed it. For instance, if you wanted to search for "Transparency in Government Spending", your search may return one specific article that features those four words in that exact order.


If you search those same words without the quotes it may return articles relating to "transparency", "government", and "spending" and not specifically to "transparency in government spending".

Search results will represent all terms entered

The search function will only return results that contain all the words you entered. In order to facilitate more effective searches, only enter words that are essential to what you are looking for.

Avoid short, commonly used words

Using words that are common and short (i.e. the, it, in, of, who, what, when, where, why, all, every, some) will inhibit your search process and more than likely return articles you are not interested in.

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