Hopkinsville Records Requests

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This page contains information regarding open records requests made in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Open Records Act made access to government records a legal right in 1992.



  • 18th: A request was submitted for the check register outlining expenses by vendor, date, amount, and description for the last complete accounting year provided in CSV format or Excel worksheet(s).
  • 24th: The Bluegrass Institute received a letter via U.S. Mail stating that the request could not be filled because the original request did not state whether the information was to be used for commercial or non-commercial use.
  • 27th: A follow up letter was sent by BIPPS stating that BIPPS is a non-profit organization seeking the records for non-commercial use on a government transparency website.


  • 4th: A package was received via U.S. Mail with a CD containing the requested documents.