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House Bill 307 (or BR 971 2010) was introduced on January 21, 2010 by Representatives Tim Moore, Brad Montell, Mike Harmon, Addia Wuchner to the 2010 General Assembly.

It is an act relating to health care coverage.

House Bill 307 proposes to create new sections of Subtitle 17 of KRS Chapter 304 to establish definitions for "direct purchase", "health care system", and "penalties and fines"; to prohibit the General Assembly from requiring any individual to participate in any health care system or plan, or to impose a penalty or fine regarding participation; permit an individual or an employer to pay directly for health care services and a health care provider to accept direct payment without penalties or fines, and to direct the Attorney General to undertake and initiate all necessary legal proceedings to protect and defend Kentuckians' rights as set forth in this Act; to prohibit the Governor, the Personnel Cabinet, and state agencies from participating in or complying with any federal law, regulation, or policy that would compromise the freedom of choice in the health care decisions of any resident of Kentucky.[1]

Obama healthcare plan will hurt Kentucky

Obama's health care plan will raise insurance rates in Kentucky the state with highest obesity rate and the state that has the worst physical health in the united states. By forcing all people to have insurance with no caps on benefits, and accepting all people with preexisting conditions this will raise health care premiums especially in states who have the poorest health in the nation. Kentucky's healthcare premiums will skyrocket. Obama's logic is faulty because he thinks by forcing everybody on to health insurance more people pay into the system and the premiums go down, but once you factor into the equation the cost of accepting everyone who has preexisting conditions the rates rise especially in the states with poor health. Most of the uninsured are people with preexisting conditions or whom are sick with terminal illness. The rates are going to rise dramatically. Mitt Romney tried a similar health care plan in Massachusettes and its raising costs and premiums for residents of Massachusettes. Dr. Jonathan Gruber is Barack Obama's adviser on health care policy and he was also Governor Mitt Romney's adviser on health care policy for Massachusettes.

business will have to pay more for health care under obama plan and this will cost jobs

According to Fox News Channel analysts and former governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee says Catepillar and At&t will have to cut jobs because Obama's health care plan will cost them $150 million each. Catepillar has many offices in Kentucky. This means Kentucky will lose some jobs because of Barack Obama's health care plan(Huckabee, 2010).

california customers are going to have their premiums increased

California customers are in for a big surprise, a 39% inccrease in premiums for well point's Inc. This is what the entire country will face once obama's healthcare plan is signed into law[1]. Many companies are going to be hurt by obama's health care plan as it will cost them millions of dollars and they will have to layoff workers. Health Insurance companies are going too have taxes on them increased, and they also will have to accept all people with preexisting conditions, and will be prevented from placing caps on benefits[2]. This is why americans don't believe the government can cover more people, raise taxes, force insurance companies to accept conditions that individuals had before applying for health insurance and prevent caps on benefits without raising premiums. Americans know that obama's plan will lead to people whom are healthy paying weak fines rather than staying in the market.“The health-care bill before Congress would cover 31 million people without insurance, pay for subsidies by increasing taxes on health-care companies and force insurers to take customers regardless of health.DeVeydt, at the Cowen conference, said the last provision will let people drop out of the insurance pool until they are ill and force WellPoint to raise rates on the remaining customers. While Obama’s plan requires all Americans to obtain insurance, the penalties for those who don’t are weak, he said”[3]. The CBO said Premiums would rise as much as 13 percent for 32 million people who buy individual health insurance.

Obama's plan still leaves people uninsured

There are still people who are not going to be covered by obama's plan. They don't make enough to afford health coverage and make too much to receive subsidies. Right now older people are charged a lot more for health insurance than younger people because they use a lot more resources than healthy young people. Part of obama's plan is to make rates for older people's premiums closer in price to young people, which means young people will have to pay more or get out of the market and pay a weak fine[4]

Romney's plan fails Massachusattes

Massachusettes under the Romney universal healthcare plan face one of the most expensive health insurance markets in the nation with high cost premiums. There is a lot of strain on massachusettes due to the high costs. Democrats say that universal health insurance will cover everyone but if we compare this with mandated auto insurance we can see that this isn't true. 48 states mandate auto insurance and they still have a high rate of non compliance. The two states that don't mandate auto insurance Wisconsin and New hampshire have higher rates of compliance with auto insurance than the 48 states that mandate it. Logically we can translate that over to the health insurance market and deduce that this scenario with auto insurance would be similar with mandated health insurance[5]


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