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The Kentucky Climate Action Panel was appointed by Governor Steve Beshear in 2009 without legislative approval. A contract for $200,000 was signed between the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet and the Center for Climate Strategies, a Washington, D.C.-based environmental group that also receives funding from the George Soros-funded Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, The Ted Turner Foundation, Energy Foundation, The (Teresa) Heinz (Kerry) Endowments and the Rockefeller Bros. Fund.

On Aug. 10, 2010, a state government contracts committee disapproved renewing the contract.

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What is the Kentucky Climate Action Panel?

• A front group for the radical Center for Climate Strategies, a Washington, D.C.-based environmental group that was created to export its climate change alarmism.

• Works through the executive branch by claiming not enough has been done about global warming, therefore it’s up to the states. It tells the governor: “You create the commission by executive order, we’ll pay for most of it.”

• This makes the governor look good. He can appear to be addressing global warming at little or no cost as outside extreme groups provide funding.

• Even though this is a state-appointed panel, the Washington-based Center for Climate Strategies takes over the panel’s meetings, set the agendas, write minutes, provides all technical analysis, sets voting rules and offers the strategy on how to isolate and pressure opponents.

• It’s ultimate goal is to get the governor to issue executive orders that discourage the use of fossil fuels and have the real possibility of driving up energy costs and diminishing consumer freedoms.

• These panels are now in half the states. Like the Japanese flew into Pearl Harbor unaware – and when they attacked it was too late – so the Kentucky Climate Action Panel has flown in under the radar of most lawmakers. This panel would like to remain UNNOTICED -- at least until the Legislature finishes its work – as it prefers not to have to deal with the Legislature.

Expected results from the panel

  • Carbon tax and/or Cap-and-Trade (energy rationing)
  • Renewable portfolio standards (increase)
  • Pay-as-you-drive insurance
  • Subsidies of “waste to energy” (burning chicken waste)
  • Public benefit charge (fee on electric bills)
  • Mandatory ‘advanced (electric) metering infrastructure’
  • Subsidies for mass transit, bike paths, pedestrian
  • Transit-oriented development

Where the KCAP bases its position?

This panel bases its entire position on The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Global Climate Change(UNIPCC) report. It considers no other sources on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

- But the UN report is:

• Based on faulty sources, including many citations newsletters and press releases from advocacy groups such as Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, Climbing News magazine, a geography student’s dissertation and citations from master students’ theses.

• The Kentucky climate panel ignores the scandals that have been spawned as a result of the UN report, including Sciencegate, Climategate, Icegate, Researchgate, Reefgate, Himalayagate, PeerReviewgate, FOIAgate and several other scandals

• Not based on the scientific consensus of thousands of scientists. Rather, there were only about 50 sciences who worked on the executive summary promoting warming alarmism.

Who funds KCAP in Kentucky?

• Among funders: George Soros-funded Sandler Family Supporting Foundation, The Ted Turner Foundation, Energy Foundation and The (Teresa) Heinz (Kerry) Endowments and the Rockefeller Bros. Fund.

• Why are Kentucky taxpayers giving the Kentucky panel $200,000 when it’s already getting big-time funding from these huge liberal foundations?

A Kentucky Capitol Briefing

Paul Chesser, special correspondent for the Heartland Institute, a Chicago-based free market think tank, gave a very insightful presentation during the March 24, 2010 at the Capitol Annex in Frankfort.

• What lawmakers need to know about the Kentucky Climate Action Plan Council, an under-the-radar project sponsored by the Center for Climate Strategies, a Washington-based warming-alarmist group which seeks to encourage Governor Beshear to bypass the legislative process and use executive orders to “raise energy prices and diminish consumer freedom.” – Chesser

Rep. Brad Montell's Motion to Disapprove

Contract #0900012938 with the Dept. of Energy Development and Independence for $200,000. Contracted with Center for Climate Strategies…The description is as follows:

“Provide for a web site for the project, including a banner/logo developed by the state along with other pertinent information about the KCAP process and be the location where all project documents are posted.”

When I saw this contract go through last time, I saw the name (center for climate strategies) and a red flag went up. I ask if this is some radical group that is bent on a left wing agenda and the answer I got was no…just a coincidence in names.

So let me ask again…who is Center for Climate Strategies and where do they get their funding apart from the states?

Created in Pennsylvania, They are a D.C. based extreme left environmental group that was created to export climate change alarmism in the states.

Funded by Rockefeller Bros. Fund, The Theresa Heinz endowment, Energy Foundation, Soros Family Foundation

So, this radically left leaning group will set the agenda’s for the meetings, write minutes, provide technical analysis, set voting rules, and offer strategies on how to isolate and pressure opponents. Prepare the draft and final report…entitled Climate action plan. And we are suppose to set back in a state that depends on coal for 90% of our electricity and hundreds of thousands of jobs…and let this group dictate, based on what many in the scientific community call bogus science from the united nations IPCC, what our climate action plan will be.

Two years ago, the governor appointed a blue ribbon task force to study our pension and health insurance programs that we offer our employees…because the cost were skyrocketing and it threatens to bankrupt us…currently, the governor has appointed a task force to study education reform because education is so critical to our future…neither task force hired an outside consultant, with the exception of an actuary, let alone one with an extreme agenda such as Center for Climate Strategies.

It is my opinion that Kentucky does not need nor want the advice of the Center for Climate Strategies, ultimately, based on what they have done in other states and the direction they are already taking here, they will drive utility cost up, support cap and trade initiatives, threaten private property in the name of the environment, attempt to mandate changes in planning and zoning and attempt to collectivize some farming operations just to mention a few. Therefore, Mr. Chairman, I make a motion that we do disapprove this contract.

August 2010

Funding was denied when the Contract Review Committee voted unanimously (6-0) to recommend denying funding for the agency. Following the advice of Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Len Peters, Governor Steve Beshear decided to go ahead with funding the Kentucky Climate Action Panel with the $200,000 to continue it's work in the Commonwealth.[1]

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