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The Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board (KCCRB) created under KRS Chapter 36 has the primary responsibility to provide disaster behavioral health services for the Commonwealth. The Board is recognized as the lead disaster behavioral health agency by the Department for Mental Health and Mental Retardation Services (DMHMRS) (state mental health authority), Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KyEM) and the American Red Cross (ARC),

KCCRB ensures organized, rapid and effective crisis intervention response in the aftermath of crisis and disaster. The Board also provides assessments, crisis intervention, service collaboration, and system development following disasters. KCCRB, as the state lead disaster mental health agency, coordinates services, administers FEMA Crisis Counseling grants when necessary following a Presidential Declaration, in collaboration with local and regional mental health providers.

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Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board
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Contact Information

  • Street Address: 100 Airport Rd. 3rd Floor Frankfort, KY 40601
  • Phone:(502) 564-4627
  • Fax:(502) 607-5781