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The Kentucky Crime Victims Compensation Board was enacted in 1974 and established by Kentucky General Assembly in 1976. This office first opened in 1978. The mission of the Board is to ensure an impartial and fair view of all claims, compensating victims of criminally injurious conduct for financial losses incurred due to the physical and psychological injury or death resulting from a violent crime.

Kentucky's Crime Victims Compensation Board assists well in excess of 1,000 victims per year. This assistance is in the form of direct payments to medical providers, funeral homes, mental health professionals, or reimbursements for these types of expenses incurred by victims or those legally responsible for those expenses. The Crime Victims Compensation Board strives to be pro-victim and includes at least one victim of crime. Our goal is to not only provide the above-mentioned assistance in a timely manner but also to show empathy and provide caring assistance to Kentucky crime victims during a particularly traumatic time.

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  • Street Address: 130 Brighton Park Blvd. Frankfort, KY 40601
  • Phone:(502) 573-7986
  • Fax:(502) 573-4817
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