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The Kentucky Department of Education performs audits and reviews on school's and districts that fail to consistently meet their goals. [1] These audits and reviews are performed by auditors over the course of a one week time period in which all of the aspects of the school/district are observed including school leadership, culture, the functionality of the site based decision making council, and what is taught in the classroom. The audit's purpose is to identify strength and weaknesses of the education entities in the state. [2]After the audit, the school is presented with a copy of the results and recommendations for improvement.

Standards for Measurement In Schools

The KDE measures school performance in the audit in nine categories

Within these nine standards for measurement there are 88 indicators to gauge the quality of each standard that the school has accomplished.

Ratings for Standards

These 9 standards are rated on a scale of 1 to 4 (with 4 being exemplary)...

  • 4- Exemplary level of development and implementation
  • 3- Fully functional and operational level of development and implementation
  • 2- Limited development or partial implementation
  • 1- Little or no development and implementation

Schools/Districts Chosen For Audits

Schools and Districts are chosen for audits one of two ways, by 1) failing to meet goals consistently OR 2) random selection

Here is a List Of Audited Schools.



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