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The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) is an agency of Kentucky's Education Cabinet. KDE is led by an appointed Commissioner of Education, who answers to the 12-member Kentucky Board of Education. KDE is based in Franfort and has approximately 400 employees.

The KDE:

  • Administers the statewide assessment and accountability system;
  • Provides technical assistance to schools and districts in the areas of finance, management and curriculum;
  • Provides support and information to the Kentucky Board of Education;
  • Oversees the state's education technology system; and
  • Monitors school and district compliance with state and federal laws.

The KDE also performs audits and reviews on districts and schools that fail to meet their goals.

These audits and reviews can be found here


Below is a link to a sortable database of 2009 expenses made by the Kentucky Department of Education.

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