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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded new research, recommendations, and a partnership framework for States and School Districts to address "The Turnaround Challenge - Why America's best opportunity to dramatically improve student achievement lies in our worst-performing schools". Review the entire report at the Mass Insight Education & Research site.

In this research there are 12 Tough Questions - A Self-Audit for States Engaged in School Turnaround. Participate in in the Kentucky self-audit here.

Jefferson County Public Schools has 41 schools that are in some phase (Tier 1 through Tier 5-2) of unacceptable learning progress according to No Child Left Behind standards. The audit for the Southern Leadership Academy released in January, 2007, and the Kentucky state Board of Education action to render the Southern Leadership Academy counsel powerless in February, 2007, highlight how long it takes in Kentucky before action is taken - 7 years.

The self-audit for Kentucky contains the following questions:

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The Kentucky self-audit results will be shared and updated after 50 people have participated in the self-audit .