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Leadership is the seventh standard measures on the Kentucky Department of Education school audits. Within this standard, there are seven indicators used to measure whether the school is successfully achieving results. The following indicators were taken from the Department of Education School Level Performance Descriptors & Glossary. [1]

  • Leadership has developed and sustained a shared vision
  • Leadership decisions focused on student academic data
  • All administrators have a growth plan
  • Evidence that the leadership team disaggregates data
  • Leadership ensures all instructional staff...access to curriculum related materials
  • Leadership ensures that time is protected...instructional issues
  • Leadership plans and allocates resources
  • School/district leadership provides policy and resource infrastructure
  • Process for the development and theimplementation of council policy
  • SBDM council has an intentional focus on student academic performance
  • Principal demonstrates leadership skills in academic performance, learning environment, efficiency

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