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The Urban County Council is the legislative branch of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, with the power to establish budgets, set policy and levy taxes, subject to limits set by the Charter and state laws. Urban County Council consists of 12 Council District members and 3 At-Large members. The District members are elected for 2-yr terms and may serve up to 6 consecutive terms. The At-Large members are elected for 4-yr terms and may serve up to 3 consecutive terms. The at-large member who receives the most votes in the general election becomes the Vice Mayor. In the absence of the Mayor, the Vice Mayor is the presiding officer. [1]


Position/District Member Email Phone #
Vice Mayor Linda Gortony lgorton@lfucg.com 258-3200
At Large Steve Kay skay@lfucg.com 258-3200
At Large Chuck Ellinger II cellinge@lfucg.com 258-3212
1st District Chris Ford cford@lfucg.com 258-3216
2nd District Tom Blues tblues@lfucg.com 258-3200
3rd District Diane Lawless dglawless@lfucg.com 258-3222
4th District Julian Beard jbeard@lfucg.com 258-3200
5th District Bill Farmer, Jr. bfarmer@lfucg.com 258-3200
6th District Kevin Stinnett kstinnett@lfucg.com 258-3225
7th District K. C. Crosbie kcrosbie@lfucg.com 258-3200
8th District George Myers georgem2@lfucg.com 258-3200
9th District Jay McChord jmcchord@lfucg.com 258-3215
10th District R. Douglas Martin dougmartin@lfucg.com 258-3200
11th District Peggy Henson phenson@lfucg.com 258-3218
12th District Ed Lane edlane@lfucg.com 258-3221


  1. Lexington's website

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