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In order to make changes to FreedomKentucky you must first be registered in the wiki.

Selecting a User Name

When you register on FreedomKentucky, you will need to select a user name. This name will be used to identify you and your work on the wiki. You can use your real name, parts of your real name, or publish under a pseudonym. It is completely up to you! When you are logged into FreedomKentucky, your IP address will not be viewable to other users except in the rare event of libelous or slanderous remarks or in the event that a page has been abused or vandalized. In these events, administrators can access your IP address and block further contributions in this way.

Selecting a Password

As with any other password that you would choose for a login into an internet community, FreedomKentucky strongly suggests that you choose a secure, strong password. Avoid sharing this password with other users. The password on your account serves as the protection for your work and edits on the wiki.

Creat an account here!

User Pages

When your new account is registered, FreedomKentucky will generate a user page for you. This page can be found in two ways...

  • Search in the search box by entering "user:your user name".
  • After logging into FreedomKentucky, your username will appear at the top of the screen next to an icon of a person. This is a link to your user page.

The User Page is a great tool to tell other contributors about yourself. This page can be used to link others to articles that you've written, articles that you would like to see written, personal contact information, or your current projects on FreedomKentucky.

Featured on each User Page is a "talk page". Each talk page is specific to that user and serves as a great way to have others get into contact with you. Fellow contributers can leave messages to point you in the direction of an article or website, comment on your work, ask for further contributions, just say "thanks for contributing"

Edit History

After you register with FreedomKentucky and begin editing articles, your user name will begin to appear in the "history" tab of each article you participate in. Every article page has a history tab, including this one. It can be found at the top of the page right next to the "edit" tab.

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