Louis Pekofsky Scammer

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Louis Pekofsky is the scammer that has been selling fake facebook advertising accounts. He has duped hundreds of people into thinking he can supply these accounts at $2000 a pop but once he takes your money you never hear from him again. Here are a few details about him, should this person cross your path.


Louis Pekofsky Scammer

Skype - louispekofsy

Email - louis.pekofsky@gmail.com

Address : 16 Glenmere Rd, New City, NY 10956

Some pictures have been uploaded of him so you can see what he looks like. Under no circumstances do business with this person. He is also a known user of drugs (Tramadol) and is probably using the money to feed his habit.
Proof of Scam: Read More:
louis pekofsky scammer