Monroe County Records Requests

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This page contains information regarding open records requests made in Monroe County, Kentucky. The Kentucky Open Records Act made access to government records a legal right in 1992.


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  • 16th: request sent to Judge/Executive Wilbur Graves related to the Monroe County Judicial Center Project contract with Ross, Sinclaire & Associates LLC Financial Agent to obtain electronic copies of records of:
    • 1 - any contracts executed with Ross, Sinclaire & Associates LLC.
    • 2 - copies of internal bid analysis, scoring summaries and vendor performance rating for any competitive solicitation involving Ross, Sinclaire & Associates LLC as financial agent.
    • 3 - copies of any internal determination and documentation that justified a contract being issued without competition to Ross, Sinclaire & Associates LLC if applicable to this Judicial Center.
  • 24th: received a package in the mail containing paper copies of the requested documents.
Request made Date sent 3 day reply? Info obtained? Requested format? Helpful?
Judicial center contract 8/16/10