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Morganfield, Kentucky is the county seat of Union County located in the northwestern region of the state. As of the 2000 census, the population of the city was 3,494 people. Morganfield takes its name from Daniel Morgan, a Revolutionary War hero who was given the land that the city is built upon after the end of the war. The city itself was established in 1812.



Of the 3,494 citizens of Morganfield, nearly 82% are white. The largest minority in Morganfield is a 16% African-American population.

The per-capita income for the city is $19,251 with 12.3% of the population falling under the poverty line. [1]

Freedom Issues

School Superintendent Salary

A local grassroots organization located in Union County called Citizens for Government Accountability uncovered data pertaining to where money in the school system is being spent and has called into question the justification of large superintendent salaries in the county. The county recently hired a new superintendent after voting 4 to 1 to not rehire the former superintendent, Mr. Novak. The recently hired superintendent is Joshua Powell who had two years experience previously as the superintendent in the Cloverport district (the smallest in the state with 304 students). Quick Facts:

  • The average Kentucky school system has a student population of 3,500 and superintendent salary of less than $107,000.
  • Union County has fewer than 2,600 students and a superintendent salary of $130,000.

Union County Jail

Constituents in Union County are concerned about massive amounts of money flowing out of the county jail. Expenses include...

  • A $650,000 jail study for the design and development of a new jail site.
  • $862,957 to operate the jail in 2006 with a total income of $134,055. This is a loss of $728,902. [2]

Occupational Tax

In 2004, a .05% tax was levied against anyone who draws income in Union County. This tax was automatically withheld from an employees paycheck. Quick facts about Union County's Occupational Tax...

  • A large portion of the collected taxes were put in the county jail fund.
  • A $6,000 bonus was awarded annually to the county treasurer and two salaried employees in the Judge-Executive's office for collecting the tax. [3]
  • A petition to repeal the tax circulated shortly after the tax was levied was signed by 1,400 citizens of Union County (nearly 9% of the 16,000 inhabitants of Union County)

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