Nuclear Power in Kentucky

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Senate Bill 26 (or BR 181) was introduced to the Senate on January 5, 2010 by Senator Bob Leeper and Senator Ken Winters

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It is an act relating to nuclear power.

SB 26 proposes to amend KRS 278.600 to define "storage" and amend a definition to require that nuclear power facilities have a plan for the storage of nuclear waste rather than a means for permanent disposal; amend KRS 278.610 to delete the requirement that the Public Service Commission certify the facility as having a means for disposal of high-level nuclear waste; change all references to the disposal of nuclear waste to the storage of nuclear waste; prohibit construction of low-level waste disposal sites in the Commonwealth except as provided in KRS 211.852; require the Public Service Commission to determine whether the construction or operation of a nuclear power facility, including ones constructed by entities regulated under KRS Chapter 96, would create low-level nuclear waste or mixed wastes that would be required to be disposed of in low-level nuclear waste disposal sites in the Commonwealth; repeal KRS 278.605.

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