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School Organization is the eighth standsard measured on the Kentucky Department of Education school audits. Within this standard, there are ten indicators used to measure whether the school is successfully achieving results. The following indicators were taken from the Department of Education Audit School Level Descriptors and Glossary. [1]

Organization of the School

  • School is organized...use of all available resources
  • All students have access to all the curriculum
  • Staff are allocated based upon the learning needs of all students
  • Staff makes efficient use of instructional time
  • Staff...planning vertically and horizontally across content areas
  • Schedule aligned with the school's mission

Resource Integration and Allocation

  • Clearly defined process (in accordance with the school council allocation formula)
  • Budget reflects decisions directed by an assessment of need
  • Councils, school boards analyze funding and other resource requests
  • Resources are allocated and integrated to address student needs

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