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The Phoenix Garage is a city owned parking garage in Lexington, Kentucky. It is located at 151 East Vine Street. This parking structure houses many building inspection vehicles!

Code Violations & Shoddy Work: Mid March, 2009

Electrical box with no cover: If the metal conduit is rusted, just imagine what is happening to the wire nuts!‎
Water Drainage flowing up hill at 90 degree elbow-violation of "Principle 8" in the Kentucky Plumbing Code, regarding a system guarding against deposit of solids and clogging.
Cable ties were to hold a line carrying power along already existing conduit.

Code Violations & Shoddy Work: Mid April, 2009

LFUCG Engineering vehicle in the garage on the same day that code violation pictures were taken.
Unsupported and bent electrical conduit.
Another example of unsupported and bent electrical conduit.
Electrical box with no cover, holes in structure, rusting metal, and chipping concrete on structure.
Chipping and peeling paint.
Another picture of an improperly installed electrical line.
Missing exterior covering.