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Planning is the ninth standard measured on the Kentucky Department of Education school audits. Within this standard, there are sixteen indicators used to measure whether the school is successfully achieving results. The following indicators were taken from the Department of Education Audit School Level Descriptors and Glossary. [1]

Defining the School Vision, Mission, Beliefs

  • Collaborative process used to develop the vision, beliefs mission

Development of the Profile

  • Planning process involves collecting, managing and analyzing data
  • Use data for school improvement planning

Defining Desired Results for Student Learning

  • School and district plans reflect learning research, expectations for student learning.
  • Analyze their students' unique learning needs.
  • Results for student learning are defined.

Analyzing Instructional and Organizational Effectiveness

  • Strengths and limitations are identified.
  • Goals for building, strengthening capacity

Development of the Improvement Plan

  • Steps for school improvement aligned with improvement goals
  • Plan identifies resources, timelines
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of improvement plan
  • Improvement plan is aligned with the school's profile, beliefs, mission, desired results

Implementation and Documentation

  • Plan is implemented as developed
  • School evaluates the degree to which it achievesthe goals and objectives for student learning
  • The school evaluates the degree to which it achieves the expected impact
  • Evidence of attempts to sustain the commitment to continuous improvement

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