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Professional growth, development and evalutation is the sixth standard measured on the Kentucky Department of Education school audits. Within this standard, there are seven indicators used to measure whether the school is successfully achieving results. The following indicators were taken from the Department of Education Audit School Level Descriptors and Glossary. [1]

Professional Development

  • Support for the long-term professional growth of the individual staff members.
  • The school has an intentional plan forbuilding instructional capacity.
  • Staff development priorities..alignment..goals for student performance.
  • Plans for school improvement directly connect goals for student learning.
  • Professional development is on-going and job-embedded.
  • Professional development planning connect student achievement data.

Professional Growth And Evaluation

  • Clearly defined evaluation process.
  • Leadership provides the fiscal resources forthe appropriate professional growth.
  • Employee evaluation and the individual professional growth plan to improve staff proficiency.
  • A process of personnel evaluation which meets or exceeds standards set in statute.
  • The school/district improvement plan identifies specific instructional needs.
  • Evaluation process to provide teachers..change behavior and instructional practice.

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