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The Prosecutor Accountability Project was sparked by government abuse.

At what point does the potential public benefits of vigorous prosecution outweigh the actual harm when fundamental legal protections are compromised? Most people find it difficult to hold much sympathy for corporations, often forgetting that we depend on a dynamic, competitive economy for its welfare. The victims of over zealous prosecutors and ambitious government agencies are often workers and their families, including many small and medium sized business owners who have played by the rules and yet now find themselves targets.

No Crime But Predjudice


Dozens of black, unmarked SUVs swarmed into the Fischer Homes parking lot trailed by satellite trucks ready to beam the government raid over live TV. Agents wearing jackets emblazoned with huge block letters - FBI, ICE, IRS - locked down corporate headquarters. Henry Fischer and his son Greg, watched stunned as what looked like a Clint Eastwood movie unfolded before them. In the past two years, Fischer had been selected by the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce as one of the best places to work. "Well, there goes that award," cracked Greg. Even Henry managed to laugh.

As the owner of a successful home building company, Henry Fischer was targeted by the federal government, accused of employing illegal immigrants. The prosecutor's facts were wrong, but that was small solace when facing the enormous power of the justice system, which depends on extracting plea deals, sometimes even from the innocent-and often from supposedly deep-pocketed businesses. Despite facing public humiliation and possible financial ruin, Mr. Fischer gambled his entire company, fighting the harsh strong-arm tactics of politically driven prosecutorial antagonists. And he won. As Mr. Fischer writes, "I hope nothing like this happens to you."

Mr. Fischer and those sympathetic with his commitment to prosecutorial transparency and accountability are hoping to stimulate and wide-ranging debate that will lead to new checks-and-balances introduced into our judicial system. If you don't know the story, get informed. Remember: this can happen to you.