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The Kentucky Public Service Commission is a three member administrative body with quasi-legislative and quasi-judicial duties and powers regulating over 1,500 utilities. It is funded by an assessment paid by all utilities under the Commission's jurisdiction based on a utility's annual gross intrastate revenues. The Commission, created by the Acts of the 1934 General Assembly, the current version of which forms Chapter 278 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS), performs its regulatory functions through issuance of written orders, following adjudicative and rule making procedures outlined in Chapter 278 and administrative regulations promulgated by the Commission in Chapter 807 of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR)[1].

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Memeber's Stance on Carbon

Jim Gardner, vice chairman of the Kentucky Public Service Commission, will co-chair a national conference looking at how climate change policies will affect utilities. When speaking about the appointment, Gardner stated "With our reliance on coal to generate nearly all of our electricity, no state will be affected more than Kentucky by coming constraints on carbon emissions from power plants... The challenge for us in Kentucky is to determine how to meet those constraints while maintaining financially healthy utilities that can provide reliable service at a reasonable cost to their customers," [2]



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