Pulaski County Records Requests

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This page contains information regarding open records requests made in Pulaski County, Kentucky. The Kentucky Open Records Act made access to government records a legal right in 1992.


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  • 16th: request sent to Judge/Executive Barty Bullock related to the Boyd County Judicial Center Project contract with Ross, Sinclaire & Associates LLC Financial Agent to obtain electronic copies of records of:
    • 1 - any contracts executed with Ross, Sinclaire & Associates LLC.
    • 2 - copies of internal bid analysis, scoring summaries and vendor performance rating for any competitive solicitation involving Ross, Sinclaire & Associates LLC as financial agent.
    • 3 - copies of any internal determination and documentation that justified a contract being issued without competition to Ross, Sinclaire & Associates LLC if applicable to this Judicial Center.
  • 23rd: received a letter stating that the request had been received and also informing that there were not electronic copies of the records available. The letter also advised that the documents could be viewed in person.
Request made Date sent 3 day reply? Info obtained? Requested format? Helpful?
Judicial center contract 8/16/10