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Renaming or moving a page can be a useful tool to help organize information on FreedomKentucky. It is a function that should be used sparingly. Renaming (or moving) can happen when...

  • A user creates a page with a title that is too lengthy
  • A large body of information within an article no longer fits within the scope of the title
  • A page was created with title that is misspelled or inaccurate

Steps To Renaming Page

  • Go to the page you wish to rename
  • Click on the "move" tab at the top of the article page
  • A prompt will be presented showing the title of the current page and a blank field for the new name of the page.

When the new title is entered, all the contents of the page as well as the history of edits on the page are relocated under the new title. A redirect page is also created for the old title which will redirect all links under the old title to the new page.

Guidelines for Renaming/Moving

PLEASE DO NOT RENAME OR MOVE PAGES WITHOUT FACILITATING DISCUSSION WITH OTHER USERS IN THE DISCUSSION SECTION OF THE ARTICLE. Communicating with other collaborators on FreedomKentucky is essential to maintaining an open and welcoming environment for sharing information. Authors of articles take pride in their work and it is a courtesy to discuss large scale changes with them before those changes are enacted.

When renaming a page, ensure that the new title will be accurate and will completely encapsulate the body of work that is contained within the article. Discuss this move and potential titles with other contributors who have worked on the article in the discussion tab.

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