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Shelby County Public Schools operate in Shelby County, Kentucky. The district operates twelve schools.

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List of Shelby County Schools
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No Child Left Behind Status

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Corrective Action - Yr 4

Currently Shelby County Public Schools is in Corrective Action - Yr 4 status according to the 2010 No Child Left Behind results. This means that for seven consecutive years, Shelby County Schools have not made Adequate Yearly Progress. Corrective Action - Yr 4 consequences require Shelby County to...

  • notify parents using state provided information
  • revise the district improvement plan
  • technical assistance is provided by the state
  • and the county continues to be subject to corrective action from the Kentucky Department of Education. [1]

Troubled Schools In Shelby County

Board of Education

Name Email Phone#
Doug Butler (502) 722-5511
Samuel Hinkle (502) 633-1500
Allen Phillips (502) 829-5652
Eddie Mathis (502) 633-5056
Brenda Jackson (502) 633-3479

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  1. 2010 Adequate Yearly Progress Report for Kentucky