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--Southern Lady 20:31, 1 December 2008 (UTC)CATS Testing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Is there actually anything "Good" about the CATS test? The teachers fill our children full of information for them to regurgitate back on the test. This in no way reflects our children's capabilities. The Writing portfolios are the "Bad" part of this situation. How does an elementary student writing a bunch of information on various topics reflect how much they know. Now for the "Ugly", in the week before Thanksgiving our children were crammed full of CATS test material in what the school called "CATS Scrimmage." To the best of my knowledge, no actually teaching of core subject material was taught for those two days. Is this what we send our children to school for? For them to be thought of in the terms of "making the grade" so to speak. The schools main objective is to reach the 2014 goal set in place by government. How about the schools getting back to the basics and teaching our children what they need to get through college. Leave your comments here. Let the school system know what you think.

Logan Morford said:

It is interesting that the 2014 goals were put into place so that schools would get back to basics but instead it may have created a "teach to the test" type mentality. I agree, let's start teaching the basics and not the test.
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