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Why Does My Article Look Different On Different Browsers?

Depending on what type of browser you are using, images, videos, and MP3's may all format differently depending upon what type of browser you are using. The single most important factor in this the size of the browser window. Creating your article with Safari, for instance, and then making the size of the browser screen smaller will cause the images and text to "bunch" up and lose the carefully formatted structure that took so long to set up. Here are a couple hints with that in mind...

  • Usually, a browser will restructure the content of a page for viewing only if the browser window is reduced to a particular size. Most readers will more than likely not experience this problem because it is unlikely that a reader's browser would be reduced to that size. If this still concerns you, reduce the size of your browser from time to time while editing the page so that you can see if the format changes.
  • There are some free programs available for download that will enable you to view the page you are working on through the "eyes" of a different browser (i.e. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc...) This is a handy tool and can be of great service when using a lot of multimedia content in your article.

Why isn't my image/picture showing up?

Make sure that you are using an appropriate file type when you are attempting to insert an image into an article page. The following file types are allowed to be uploaded:png, gif, jpg, jpeg, rtf, svg, mpp, mp3, swf, pdf. If you want to insert an image into your article, your best bet is convert your image into a .jpg.

For example: You are able to upload a .pdf file to FreedomKentucky, however that file can not be placed into an article. Most often whatever program you use to view .pdf files will allow you to "grab" a selection and save it in a different format. Just select what you want to display in the article, save it as a .jpg and then upload that to the wiki. Then you are set to include it in your article!

Why is it that when I type something it does not format like it should; instead it puts the text in a generic font surrounded by a box?

This is because there is a space between the far left margin and the characters of your text. Anytime you begin from the left margin with a space, wiki markup will be ignored and the information you enter will instead be formatted in a box.

I Am Sure That I'm Typing Things Correctly, Why Won't The Wiki Markup Work?

Precision is the key when entering any type of computer programming language. One wrong key stroke or one forgotten punctuation mark can cause the code to not function properly. Take care and time to enter the more complex editing functions as they are more involved than simply entering text into a page.

I Want To Contribute But I Don't Want To Learn How To Write On A Wiki

If you have great information but not a lot of time and you still want to contribute feel free to Send Your Content to our Wiki Team. All information is welcome!

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