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Union County Public Schools operates in Union County, Kentucky.

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Union County School System Salaries

Here are some facts received by Citizens for Government Accountability via an open records request of the school system central office.

There are 166 full-time teachers in the Union County School System. School board pay is $75 per meeting with a cap at $3,000 per calendar year. This is the only cost to taxpayers that is not an over payment. The school board has the same taxing authority as the judge-executive and magistrates. In contrast, the county magistrates make over $13,000/yr. each plus benefits. The fiscal court meets twice a month. All magistrates are full-time employed elsewhere but the judge-executive allows them to claim full-time hours as magistrates in order to receive healthcare benefits at taxpayer expense. This makes Union County magistrates some of the highest paid per capita in the state (as reported to us via state auditors figures ’05-’06). Salaries of note are:

  • Director of Pupil Personnel: $89,104
  • Director of Special Education: $84,048
  • District Technology: $59,138
  • Instructional Coordinator: $84,048
  • Assistant Superintendent/Treasurer: $87,663
  • UCHS Principal: $83,203
  • UCHS Assistant Principal: $76,538
  • UCMS Principal: $84,048
  • UCMS Assistant Principal: $75,440
  • Principals at: Morganfield $78,333 ;Sturgis Elementary $77,174 ;Uniontown $81,270

Union County Graduation & Dropout Rates

Figure 1: Data from Kentucky Department of Education
Figure 2: Data from Kentucky Department of Education

The data in Figure 1 shows graduation rates for Union County public school district alongside the state average graduation rates for a five year period from 2003 to 2007. Figure 2 shows dropout rates for Union County for the five years from 2003 to 2007.

Contact Information

  • Central Office:
    • Phone: (270) 389-1694
    • Fax: 389-9806
    • Address: 510 S. Mart St., Morganfield, KY 42437