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The University of Kentucky Tobacco Ban takes effect November 19, 2009 and prohibits and person on the campus of the University of Kentucky from using any tobacco product. [1] The ban differs from many related bans in the state in that it is prohibiting the use of any tobacco product rather than just smoking. This includes cigarettes, cigars, hookah, and smokeless tobacco. The ban is co-chaired by Anthany Beatty (assistant vice president for campus services) and Ellen Hahn (professor and director of the Tobacco Policy Research Program)



Prior to the ban being instituted, smoking was not allowed within 20 feet of campus buildings.


Originally the boundary for the ban was the university campus however in October 2009, the university asked the city council to approve an ordinance that would allow the ban to include the sidewalks around the the boundary of the campus. Normally under such a ban city sidewalks would not be subject. [2] At an October 27, 2009 meeting, the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government City Council voted to move the decision regarding the boundary extending to city sidewalks to the intergovernmental committee. The council stated that it wanted to hear from the property owners surrounding the university. [3] This means that the boundary would be the campus property on the November 19, 2009 effective date. [4]



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