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The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of the Bush Administration should be thrown out! This act was supposed to make underperforming schools meet guidelines and be held accountble for our failing schools. Now I am not sure if this is the way it is in other School Districts, but in JCPS, they have given us two options for NCLB schools. #1 You are allowed to apply for a hardship transfer to another school. #2 You are allowed to apply to the Virtual Schhol.

The Virtual School is the option we chose, as the board made it seem as though it was a promising program. We tried it for 3 years, but in turn, the Virtual School failed my child. My question that I addressed the board with was is the Virtual School a NCLB School now. If so, what do we do now. Since the program failed my child, we chose to remove him. This program became more like a baby sitting service or a school where the rejects went. While I am not personally calling these children rejects, the board in all essence treats these children that way. These kids are "average" students and what I want to know is what is wrong with average?

These children give up all rights to extra curricular activities. They have no clubs, no dances, no motivation. They are not a program in the school in which they reside, but a school in itself. WIll these children have a prom? Will they have a "regular" high school diploma, or will it look as thought they were in an alternative program. Whatever the case, these kids are not given the same opportunites the rest of the children are given in JCPS all because the schools are failing our children, and they don't know what to do. Reform!!!!