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Chris Derry said:


Welcome. Let's talk soon!


Logan Morford said:

Glad to have you aboard. Let me know if you have any questions about anything, happy to help!

Logan Morford said:

I think taking screenshots would be fantastic! If you need help uploading and placing images in the article let me know.

As far as creating a new page, just type the title of the page you want to create in the "search box". If the page doesn't exist already the search will result in the title you searched for in a red link. Just click on that red link and you are ready to get started.

Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Happy to have you aboard!

Logan Morford said:

If you can save the screenshots as .pdfs and send them to me i can take a look at them. You could also send the word files to me. Either way I can figure something out. From there you can write about it! lmorford(@)

Logan Morford said:

I deleted it for you. Only sysops can delete pages. What are you currently working on? Good to hear from you again.

Logan Morford said:

Hey good to see you writing on here again! Are you working on anything?

Logan Morford said:

I combined some info for those two pages and deleted one. I also updated the link for the PVA page on the Lexington, Kentucky page. So everything should work.

Honestly, the only other way to ensure pages are not duplicated besides searching for it is what you just did. Let me know and I'll combine the pages and then delete one. Thanks for keeping your eye out!

Logan Morford said:

I'm exactly sure what you are referring to but I want to help. Can you email the URLs to me that you want to link to and what pages on the wiki they belong to? I think I may know what the problem is.
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