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Editing A Page is easily done by selecting the "edit" tab above the article or by selecting the "edit" option in each section of an article. When you click on this you will be able to edit the content in the form of Wiki Markup, or the code used to create the format of wiki pages. There are three ways to edit and contribute to the wiki.

Amending/Correcting An Existing Article

The easiest way to familiarize yourself with the way a wiki works is to edit an existing document. See something that is not right in an article. Did the author forget a comma or spell something incorrectly? Change it! All you have to do it click "edit", scroll to where the mistake is and make the change. Then click "save" and the corrected text will be added to the wiki!

Adding Content An Existing Article

Have you ever been reading a book or article and realized that the author neglected to include something that is crucial to the subject? Or maybe you know something that the author did not know! Wikis allow you to add that information immediately! Just find the most logical place in the article for you to add information and click the edit button that is in that section. Include your information but pay close attention to the continuity and flow of the article. Make sure that the information you are contributing fits with the subject of the article.

As many contributors may take great pride in the articles they submit, it is not uncommon for those amending an article to include a brief description either in the summary section of the edit option or in the discussion tab above the article (located next to the edit tab). It is wiki courtesy to include the reasoning behind any significant changes that you make to an existing work.

Creating New Content

If the subject you would like to contribute information about does not exist on FreedomKentucky, create that article page! Creating A Page is incredibly simple and may inspire others to contribute what they know about your interests!

If you see "red links", these are pages that need to be created.

A great way to create a new page and to make sure that your new article is found it to find an article that naturally relates to what you want to write about, edit that article to include a red link to what you want to write about, and then follow the link you created to your new page. Once you edit the new page, the red link will become blue indicating that there is information available at the link.

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