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    <allimages gaicontinue="01_wake_up!.mp3" />
      <page pageid="12464" ns="6" title="File:&#039;Be-shear&#039; you know what you&#039;re getting before you buy.pdf" />
      <page pageid="12205" ns="6" title="File:&#039;Busy&#039; hands.pdf" />
      <page pageid="12571" ns="6" title="File:&#039;Calculating&#039; candidates offer bad math on teacher salaries.pdf" />
      <page pageid="12575" ns="6" title="File:&#039;Engineered to last&#039; beyond its time.pdf" />
      <page pageid="13451" ns="6" title="File:&#039;Occupy Public Pension Feeding Troughs&#039;.pdf" />
      <page pageid="12508" ns="6" title="File:&#039;Tourcrats&#039; tax logic, shaft taxpayers when mining for money.pdf" />
      <page pageid="11588" ns="6" title="File:(Revised) State and Local Govt Percent.PNG" />
      <page pageid="9156" ns="6" title="File:- of farms.JPG" />
      <page pageid="32" ns="6" title="File:0001-2.jpg" />
      <page pageid="30" ns="6" title="File:01 Track 1.mp3" />