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      <page pageid="9091" ns="0" title="Big-spending budgeters were &#039;California Dreamin&#039; during session" />
      <page pageid="9095" ns="0" title="Dreaming of a genie who fights for freedom" />
      <page pageid="9097" ns="0" title="State government should ‘bare’ all to make the grade" />
      <page pageid="9098" ns="0" title="Money talks but Beshear might still walk" />
      <page pageid="9101" ns="0" title="Unions provide ‘anchor’ leg in ‘Race to the Top’" />
      <page pageid="9103" ns="0" title="Give power to the people with nuclear energy option" />
      <page pageid="9105" ns="0" title="Stumbo’s road rage paved with bad intentions" />
      <page pageid="9107" ns="0" title="Voters need to ‘rock’ the world of tax-and-spenders" />
      <page pageid="9127" ns="0" title="Facts on trade tax the common sense of politicians" />
      <page pageid="9134" ns="0" title="The &#039;assembly&#039; line can re-build America&#039;s freedom" />