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The Bluegrass Institute For Public Policy Solutions (BIPPS) is an independent research and educational institution offering free-market solutions to Kentucky's most pressing public policy issues. BIPPS was founded to educate Kentuckians to better understand the role of government in their lives. Its mission is to empower Kentuckians to take back their freedoms.

Core Beliefs

  • Policy analysis without politics ...An adherence to data-driven, empirical research and its advocacy without regard to politics. We cooperate with elected officials without consideration to political party.
  • Long-term change without opportunism, platitudes or expediency ...The establishment of long-term changes in the intellectual climate. We will not trade off principles for short-term political gain.
  • Individual incentives without coercion or mandates ...Voluntary cooperation as the essence of civil society. Effective public policy should stimulate ethical individual actions that lead to voluntary solutions to social problems, and not require government mandates or plans.
  • Entrepreneurship without bureaucracy or corporatism ...An entrepreneurial economy open to all individuals from all classes. Special favors to special classes leads to dependency, corruption and envy.
  • Limited government not anti-government ...Government restrained by the limits of constitutional constraint and a judicial system that holds society accountable to its rule of law. Within these authorized bounds, we will challenge the encroachments of government that seek to limit the natural right of Kentuckians to their Liberty.
  • Freedom with responsibility ...The right of individuals to choose for themselves how to live and work in Kentucky. Liberty makes all the difference in the world.

BIPPS In Action

Jim Waters of BIPPS
BIPPS founder Chris Derry, Allen Bryant for The New York Times

Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy For Kentucky

The Bluegrass Institute published an article called Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy For Kentucky. [1] The document outlines some of the fundamental thoughts behind the role of government in the lives of Kentucky citizens, the importance of private property, and the foundation behind liberty. The seven principles outlined in the document are...

  • Free people are not equal and equal people are not free.
  • What belongs to you, you tend to take care of; what belongs to no one or everyone tends to fall into disrepair.
  • Sound policy requires that we consider long-run effects and all people, not simply short-run effects and a few people.
  • If you encourage something, you get more of it; if you discourage something, you get less of it.
  • Nobody spends somebody else's money as carefully as he spends his own.
  • Government has nothing to give anybody except what it first takes from somebody, and a government that's big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you've got.
  • Liberty makes all the difference in the world.

These principles are expanded upon in the document which can be read here: The Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy For Kentucky

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  1. The Seven Principles of Sound Public Policy In Kentucky
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